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I purchased a RN524X 4 bay and it came with a Bluetooth dongle which I plugged into the unit and I can see that it is showing on my admin page. What is its function and how do I connect to it. I searched it with my phone and I see a number discovered but I don't know if that is it and I don't know how to connect to it and what its function would be for.

Model: RN51600|ReadyNAS 516 6-Bay Diskless
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Re: bluetooth

You have put your message in a section of this forum given over to one of Netgear's many different router ranges. Your issue seems to be about Network attached storage.


You might to better to post in the relevant bit of the community:


ReadyNAS Network Storage - NETGEAR Communities


You can also find support for your hardware here:


>>>RN524X | Product | Support | NETGEAR<<<


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Re: bluetooth

Unfortunately the bluetooth functionality is completely missing from the hardware and software manuals.  The knowledge base article links also appear to be gone, so it might not work anymore.


It was intended to be used with the Netgear Insight mobile app.  It provided an alternative way to access the NAS status in cases when the ethernet access is disfunctional.  Not a bad idea, but it only applies to a rather narrow use case.


Hopefully a Netgear mod (perhaps @mdgm-ntgr ) will chime in, and give you the current status of the feature.


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Re: bluetooth

@StephenB wrote:

The knowledge base article links also appear to be gone, so it might not work anymore.



One of my link was to the right bit of the forum, the other was for the support for the device.


Both links still work here.


But someone has now moved this discussion to the right place, so that link no longer matters.


Maybe your reference was to other links.


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Re: bluetooth

It was intended as an alternative method for initial discovery of your NAS to assist with initial setup. It was much slower than discovering it over your local network. So discovering the NAS using your local Wi-Fi on your phone/PC/laptop or hard-wired ethernet connection on your laptop/PC was always preferable.

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Re: bluetooth

@michaelkenward wrote:

Maybe your reference was to other links.


Yes.  I said "the knowledge base article links also appear to be gone". There used to be articles in the knowledge base about the bluetooth functionality, but they are now gone.  I wasn't referring to your forum link or your support lnk.


@mdgm-ntgr's answer says that the bluetooth feature didn't work out as well as Netgear intended, so it looks like they're removing it.  That explains why it's no longer in the documentation (even though it was included in the hardware @BBuzz purchased).

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