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external USB drive not detected


external USB drive not detected

RN 314 running 6.5.1 firmware.

External 960 GB USB drive connected to the back USB port.


Drive mounts and it has one share that is what I call the system assigned drive name.


Most likely I am asking a very elementary question because I do not understand the usage paradigm…


Is it possible to add additional shares to this USB drive?  How – I cannot find the proper GUI command in RAIDar.


From within the RAIDar interface how can I add additional empty directories and shares to this USB drive?  

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Re: external USB drive not detected

Can you browse the USB using RAIDar "Browse" ?

If so just open the USB share (typically called USB_HDD_1) and add new folders using Windows (if that is what you are using) Explorer, i.e right click "New" "Folder"

As far as NAS is concerned the complete USB partition is the Share I believe

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Re: external USB drive not detected

Thank you for your reply.


Yes, I can browse the USB drive and I can add new folders with a Windows workstation client. 


My question was intended to help me understand if the USB drive is a 'mini disk' version of the NAS disks so that additional shares could be added or if it was sort of a limited version of a disk that can only be used for fop and retention purposes. 


Based on our answer it seems that the the USB drive is a limited version that can only be used for backup purposes.

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