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nv+ resurrected

So my nv+ has been sitting around dead since 2012 due to an apparent power outage/surge.


At some point I got a new power supply but never had time or need to put it in (it was just a backup for my other nas at that point).


So this afternoon I had some time, decided to see if the old gandalf had a second life;



Mon May 29 20:39:50 CDT 2017System is up.
Mon May 29 20:17:55 CDT 2017RAID sync started on volume C.
Mon May 29 20:17:47 CDT 2017Improper shutdown detected. To ensure data integrity, a filesystem check should be performed by rebooting the NAS through Frontview with the volume scan option enabled.
Thu Sep 20 21:15:32 CDT 2012System is up.
Thu Sep 20 21:14:57 CDT 2012Your ReadyNAS device has been updated with a new firmware image. (RAIDiator 4.1.10)




ReadyNAS 528X, Pro 6, ProBusiness, Ultra 4, NV+
Model: ReadyNAS-NV+|ReadyNAS NV+
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Re: nv+ resurrected


4925 GB (88%) of 5555 GB used 
Additional 5 GB reserved for snapshots


Configuration: X-RAID (Expandable RAID), 4 disks 
Status: Resync 3% complete, Time to finish 15 hr 11 min, Speed 32.8 MB/sec



ReadyNAS 528X, Pro 6, ProBusiness, Ultra 4, NV+
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Re: nv+ resurrected

Gotta love these old units. Though I don't use mine now (as I've got plenty of newer units) it was the first ever ReadyNAS unit I ever used and cost me quite a bit at the time. In fact I loved it so much I went and bought a second. Technology has moved on but these are great workhorses.


We released a security firmware update for this unit just today.

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Re: nv+ resurrected

Mine is still running as a backup (though I normally say I have 3 copies of everything, there's a fourth copy of some shares on my NV+ and Duo).  It's been very reliable, though of course by current standards it's very slow.


Just installed 4.1.16 on it a few minutes ago.

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Re: nv+ resurrected

4.1.16 here in case anyone else needs, didn't see it anywhere except CVE-2017-7494 thread

ReadyNAS 528X, Pro 6, ProBusiness, Ultra 4, NV+
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Re: nv+ resurrected

5x NV+'s and a Duo that are still used as backups for newer ReadyNAS units. 


Those NV+'s are built solid!

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