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"Logon Failure:" This is driving me mad !


"Logon Failure:" This is driving me mad !

This is getting very frustrating.
I have a readynas duo which I essentially use to store all my media files, but I have also created 2 additional shares so my wife and I can store our personal files. I have absolutely not problems accessing those shares through either my main workstation running XP or my laptop running Ubuntu (It also works on my macbook pro). Even my android tablet sees them. Hooray. The problem is my wife's just bought a netbook with W7 Starters and ... although my readynas shows, when I click on it I keep getting Logon Failure: account currently disabled etc.
However I can access the files through windows media player. The readynas shows as a media server and I can access music/videos/pictures.
All I am after is an easy quick fix so when I go to Computer I see my readynas and when I click on it I can access my shares.

Many thanks for your help.

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Re: "Logon Failure:" This is driving me mad !

when windows 7 tries to access the shares it tries to login using the username that you used to login. by default it will login as administrator but if you created another username for your wife and same folder name as the username, you will be prompted with errors. can you try to create another user on your wife's windows 7 (make sure they are not the same as the share name), see if that works.
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