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Re: trying to repurpose drives from NV+ in pc


trying to repurpose drives from NV+ in pc

i have 4 2TB hitachi ds5sad200 drives pulled from a working ReadyNAS NV+ which was running RAIDiator 4.1.x (probably .9, but i can't remember). the drives have sat dormant for a year of more, but were in known good and working condition.

when i try to partition the drives, they show no partitions and zero size. has anyone seen this behavior? is this related to the 4K sector size or something that RAIDiatior is doing to the drives to make them seem unusable? is there a hitachi utility i can use to resurrect these drives?

i've tried to partition / format the drives in the following hardware:

drobo FS
win7 box
mac pro

thanks in advance
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Re: trying to repurpose drives from NV+ in pc

Windows 7 click the start button on the taskbar, right-click on "computer" and select "manage" That will open up computer management,
You will see disk management near the bottom of the left pane Click on that You will see the disks listed, and the one from the NAS will have an unrecognized format and no drive letter. You can right-click on the disk space area, and there are several options listed there You might need to initialize the disk first and then you should be able to format.
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Re: trying to repurpose drives from NV+ in pc

i know how to use the disk utilities on each of my main os'es. that's not the issue.

the problem is that the drives are reporting zero space and are not writable / able to be partitioned. to compare to my repurposing of the 500 Gb drives that were in the same NV+ before the 2TB drives, those had 3 partitions and were easily changed.

these don't display any partition data and can't be modified in the os utilities or in the adaptec bios of the raid card i have installed. all 4 behave the same, so i don't think it's a failed drive.

i believe the drive geometry isn't reporting correctly and may be the result of the RAIDiator 4K conversion or something like that.

any drive gurus care to hazard a guess?
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Re: trying to repurpose drives from NV+ in pc

Not sure I am a drive guru, but I have certainly been able to run disk utilities on the 2 TB and 3 TB drives when I move them from the ReadyNAS to the PC. I don't see how this can be related to the details of the ReadyNAS format - that really wouldn't impact Window's ability to re-initialize the drive. How old is the Windows box? Does it support 2 TB drives? (My old XP desktop doesn't).

Did you try using the Hitachi "Drive Fitness Test" software?
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Re: trying to repurpose drives from NV+ in pc

good questions. the drobo is using latest firmware and supports 2TB drives. the mac pro is a 2008 model, but has the same model drives installed and is recognizing the 2TB drive size. the pc is 1 1/2 yrs old and has 2 1.5TB drives running in RAID and should have no trouble with the 2TB drives.

i will download the Drive Fitness Test img and see if it recognizes the drives.
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Re: trying to repurpose drives from NV+ in pc

I wonder if the drives are locked. If you put them back in the NV+ you could see if the NAS will boot. After a few minutes or so power down, remove the drives, connect them up to a PC again and see if you can use the drives then.
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