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volume creation failed


volume creation failed

i got a new ironwolf 4tb and when I try to create a new volume I keep getting a volume creation error and its a brand new disk so I don't know what the problem is

Model: RN204|ReadyNAS204 4-Bay
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Re: volume creation failed

Is this a jbod volume?


New disks sometimes are defective, I have had them fail out-of-the-box.


I suggest testing the disk in a windows PC with Seatools - the disk can be connected either with SATA or a USB adapter/dock.  Don't just run the short test - run the full non-destructive test at least.  Personally I start with that, and then run the full erase test.   I've had some disks pass the non-destructive test and fail the erase test (and vice versa).


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