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Adding extra drive to NV+

I have a NV+ with two 1Tb drives fitted.
Drive one is giving reallocated sector errors >150
I have a good spare 1Tb (same disk type) drive from a Duo.
Can I swap it into the NV+ without any reformatting, or prepping of new drive etc?
(I do not want Duo data).
Will the NV+ not get confused?

Or can I just add it into the NV+ and get 3Tb, then remove bad drive later.

I hope that's clear, any advice please

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Re: Adding extra drive to NV+

If you can connect the 1TB drive that you want to use to an SATA port on your PC running Windows, I would do so and use disk manager to remove all partitions so that the drive shows up with all space unallocated.

If you can't do that, I would back up all of your data (a good idea anyway) and then hot pull drive one. Wait for the message that the drive has been removed and then hot add the new drive and hope it will be reformatted and used. It should, but sometimes RAIDiator will balk at using a drive that it perceives as containing data.

Do not add the new drive as drive 3 for once you do you will have to back everything up and do a factory default in order to get back to a two drive setup. (X-Raid is eXpandable, not contractable).
Remember - the NAS is not a backup plan.

Backup = Good, No Backup = Bad
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Re: Adding extra drive to NV+

Thank you very much for the advice,
I'll remove all the partitions before I add the drive.

Much appreciated.
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