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ReadyNAS Duo has wrong IP address

My LAN uses 192.168.0.x as it's IP range. The ReadyNAS is inaccessible and RAIDar shows the ReadyNAS ip as

Since I can not access the ReadyNAS how do I change the ip to get it back on my LAN?
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Re: ReadyNAS Duo has wrong IP address

Re-installing the firmware will reset the network settings to DHCP and your admin password to 'netgear1'. All data will remain untouched:


At that point, you should be able to use RAIDar to re-connect to your NAS and set the IP address as desired.

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Re: ReadyNAS Duo has wrong IP address

I had tried that, but obviously I hadn't waited long enough for the light to stop blinking. I re did it & all is well.

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Re: ReadyNAS Duo has wrong IP address

I am trying to do the OS-reinstall, but to no avail. I have a DUO btw. I have the same problem the initial poster has. Wrong IP.

I am however not sure I am doing it right?

Duo / NV / NV+ / X6/600

To perform an OS Re-install or Factory Default, this is managed via the Reset button on the back of the chassis.

Locate the reset pinhole.
ReadyNAS X6/600: the pinhole is on the back in the lower left corner.
ReadyNAS Duo/NV/NV+: the pinhole is next to the USB port in the back.
Get a straightened paper clip and depress the hidden switch in the pinhole while the power is off, and then power on the ReadyNAS.
To perform other options such as Skip Volume Check, Tech Support Mode, and Memory Test, this is managed via the Power button.

With the system off, hold down the Power button, and wait for the desired LED flashes.
Release the Power button when the option you desire is active.
Systems with an LCD (NV+) will also display the boot menu item text on the LCD at each stage.
Button to Hold Time to Hold LED flashes Boot Menu Mode
Power 5 seconds 1 Skip Volume Check
Power 10 seconds 2 TFTP Boot
Power 15 seconds 3 Tech Support Mode
Power 20 seconds 4 USB Boot
Power 25 seconds 5 Memory Test
Reset 5 seconds 1 OS Re-install
Reset 30 seconds 2 Factory Default

Since I am a complete idiot I prefer instructions like this:

1. Turn off your NAS.
2. Push the reset button.
3. Release the reset button.
4. Start the NAS.

I have done that 3 times. To no avail. Any ideas?

EDIT: I see I did it wrong.

The instruction (so I could understand it) should be:

1. Turn off your NAS.
2. Push the reset button. (Do not let go of it)
3. Start the NAS.
4. Wait until the LED lamps on the front blink the desired number of times (see table below).
5. Release the reset button.
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