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ReadyNAS Ultra 2 - Disable RAID?

I would like to add 2 drives to the ReadyNAS Ultra 2, but would like to have them operate as 2 independent drives, Not RAIDed. I looked thru the user's manual, and I didn't see an option to disable raid. Maybe I'm missing something. Do anybody know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance for your time.
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Re: ReadyNAS Ultra 2 - Disable RAID?

The ultra 2 only supports two drives, so you are starting diskless?

Anyway, you can set up two Raid-0 volumes (one on each drive). Raid is technically not disabled, but this has the same effect - both drives are independent, and have no redundancy. If your unit is already set up, you would need to do a factory reset to get into this mode (which would wipe all the data on the ultra).
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Re: ReadyNAS Ultra 2 - Disable RAID?

StephenB is right on this one. The device is designed to be a RAID device. Disabling RAID is not an option, and it's also not recommended. If you want to explore Flex-RAID options, you will have to factory default and reconfigure the RAID settings accordingly.
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Re: ReadyNAS Ultra 2 - Disable RAID?

Also, if you intend to use flexraid for 'separate drives', this still won't work if want to try to add/remove the drives 'for backup'. The device is designed to keep drives in it until they either fail or are upgraded. Once you pull a drive, its marked as failed and you will not be able to re-add it without it getting formatted.
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