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Nat, rtp/udp?

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Hi all,
I'm testing Express Talk Business Edition. I'm on a MacBook Pro, OSX 10.6.8.
I have a Netgear Wireless Router Genie WNDRMACv2 with Firmware V1.0.0.10.

When I run the Express Talk Network Set Up Wizard I get the following message:

"A symetric NAT or router has been detected between this computer and the internet. This means audio cannot be routed to this computer automatically. You are strongly advised to manually setup RTP/UDP rederection at the router otherwise audion may be delayed, lowquality or broken."

My question; How to set up RTP/UDP on my Netgear Wireless Router?

Thanks! / Paul

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Ice stun turn

First read up on 'TURN'

Next determine how best to encapsulate your voice traffic in VPN

or continue to suffer with poorly designed NAT (at one or both ends)
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Re: Nat, rtp/udp?

WNDRMAC is does not belong to VoIP device.. it is wireless router

it belongs under here
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