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Re: SPH200D "sign in was not successful"

Copy here the Skype link please.
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Re: SPH200D "sign in was not successful"

the problem is not just with netgear... other (skype)phones have exactly the same problem.
IMO, the prtoblem is 100% skype...
if they certify phones for the use with skype, than they should make sure everything keeps working for these phones.
what's gonna be the next step... incompatibility with windows pc's.

skype is a huge rip off, and i'm lookin' for an alternative as we speak.
i am really fed up with this policy that gives companies the right to change just about everything they like, regardless the "victims" they create along with it.
people paid quite some money for these phones (wich says SKYPE CERTIFIED in huge letters on the back).

some one should do something about this...
just imagine you go to the gas station tomorrow, and the filling pump dont fit your tank anymore.
would you also expect a rediculous explanation about "mercedes didnt update their gastanks after our update"?

what a bunch of crap...

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Re: SPH200D "sign in was not successful"

look here... on the 1st page only, i can see Netgear phones, DualPhones, Philips phones and Belkin phones, wich are all "skype certified phones", not able to login to their skype account.

still sure this is a netgear problem?.. and a dualphone problem, and a philips problem, and a belkin problem, and who knows what other brand problem?
now, i know that netgear isn't really state of the art stuff, but it has always worked just fine untill skype decided to make changes (wich they call updates)...
updates my @ss...

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