BR200 Traffic Rules


BR200 Traffic Rules

Hi all,


recently I bought a BR200. But for now, i'm not able to reach my intent of buying this Business Router...


I want to create 2 LAN's, one UserLAN with no specific rule set and a second one covering the servers and storage LAN. I first struggeld to get IP's reservated via the Insight GIU which I was eventually able to get right via the GIU of the machine itself. But now I want to create a rule that blocks all trafic out of the VLAN execpt for Anydesk and another service. This other service is no issue because its a static IP and port BUT anydesk uses a wildcard for the IP's and for as far as I can see, the BR200 doesn't even support FQDN let go the wildcard FQDN anydesk proposes to use. Then another question :-) is there any way to change the order of traffic rules? I created a Deny any any to block all traffic I didn't allow specificaly but now I want to add an extra rule and automaticaly come's under the last rule...


I'm slowly getting the thought that my expectations are a little to high for this "Business Router"


I bought the router because of the Insight capability (which I allready used for my AP's) and saw it understood VLAN and traffic managing with a high throughput without spending 9k on a Cisco Firewall with the same throughput.

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