HTTP request error after power outage

Hi All,

After a poweroutage I can't acces the GS108Ev3 via the ProSAFE Plus Configuartion Utility anymore. I have added a printscreen of the errormessage.

I tried different versions of factory resets (FR) I described below but no result so far. 

  • normal FR;
  • 30 seconds hold FR then release;
  • Forced reset
    1. 30 sec FR then turn off while still continue to press and hold the FR;
    2. than Wait for 5 seconds;
    3. then turn on while still continue to press and hold the FR;
    4. wait for another 5 seconds and than release the FR.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue or where i can find the information? because I allready have hours to find a solution.


Please help me out



Model: GS108Ev3|ProSafe 8 ports Gigabit Plus switch
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