XR500. Horrible online gameplay. More lagg then opponents.


XR500. Horrible online gameplay. More lagg then opponents.

XR500 V2.3.2.114. Amsterdam , Netherlands. 

 Dear Community members, 


First off all, I'm Dutch so English is not my language but I will try to make myself clear. 


I've got a lagg or latency problem for years now and I dont know what to do anymore about this problem. When I play Fifa online I always have lagg en totally unresponsive players but most of the time my opponents dont have that problem. Last week I contacted 5 players after a game and they all said It played very well but for me it was unplayable, horrible delay players just dont move as if Ea gives me 2 seconds delay. I tried everything on my router but its just horrible. On  my xr500 router and geofilter I can see my ping during the match and it is almost always good ( lower than 20 ms) I have upnp on it it will open only 1 port for Fifa. Is dat the way to go and can that cause problems? That there ar not enough ports opened? The ps5 says that the nat type is 2. 

By qos I have my PS5 tot priority en bufferbloat to 75%. 


I'm not a specialist but there is something really wrong otherwise other players would have the same delay but in most cases its not. I even can see their players moving faster than mine. 


I noticed when I play a game that sometimes the tick rate of the host is higher than the tick rate of the client. Can that be a problem? Who is the client, is that me or my opponent? In the attachment you can see what my router showed. 


I hope you can help me because Im looking for a solution for really long now and I just want to play an online game where both players will have the same gameplay.  


Thanks in advance


Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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