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N600 WNDA3100 adapter not being detected.

Good evening everyone,

A friend of mine purchased a N600 Netgear WNDA3100v2 wireless adapter. The software installs on their computer from the cd fine but it will not detect the adapter, it just stays stuck on the "Detecting adapter" portion. Here is what i've tried so far.

1) I've made sure no security programs are blocking the device and i've uninstalled all of them to make sure.
2) I've made sure it isn't sharing a USB port group with any other devices.
3) I've installed the device on my computer and everything ran perfectly so I know it isn't the device itself. (I did this install from the cd)
4) I've downloaded the newer software from the website and tried using that to install. When I did this I got the driver information from the adapter to successfully install this time (you know the deal, the bubble pops up, saying the device's driver was successfully installed) HOWEVER, it is still stuck at "detecting adapter". (Note, that with their computer, i couldn't get the driver to install from the adapter with the cd software, but I was able to get it to install on mine with the cd software.)
5)I've called technical support and was answered by multiple overseas calls and received the typical "turn on and off" garbage advice and found no help there.
6) Their computer was just recently connected to the internet through ethernet at another location and they have all the current drivers and windows updates. I couldn't find any major comparisons between theirs and mine that would be causing this issue.

Their computer is running on windows 7 64bit, just like mine as well.

I consider myself an advanced user but for the life of me I can't figure out their issue so any advice or input on other methods to test out are greatly appreciated. It was hard finding alot of "good" information on this issue online.

Thanks again for your time!
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Re: N600 WNDA3100 adapter not being detected.

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Re: N600 WNDA3100 adapter not being detected.

zarien wrote:
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June Mizoguchi-
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Re: N600 WNDA3100 adapter not being detected.

Same here! Just bought two of the same adapters to use with mt systems. Works great on my XP system, but the windows 7 (64 bit), not so much. I cannot get the system to get past the detecting phase. I've tried software versions from 1.3 up to version with no luck.

Netgear advised me to try and install the software under 'safemode with networking'. And it is working perfectly now. i read in another article to try the steps below:

1) uninstall WNDA3300 software while in normal Windows
2) shut down computer and restart
3) start windows in safe mode with networking
4) start latest version of WNDA3300 driver software
5) plug in adapter
6) make wireless network connection
7) choose all required options for the network connection
8) shut down computer and restart in normal Windows mode
9) check network connection

Does this make any sense?:confused:
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Re: N600 WNDA3100 adapter not being detected.

I appreciate your reply. I've tried the safe mode with networking boot up, but I didn't try it with the newer software so I'll try that again. What doesn't make sense in their situation is that we both run the same OS. If anyone else has some other suggestions I appreciate it.

Side note:Why is bumping against forum policy? Wouldn't it be even more silly to create new threads because your question remained not replied to and became unseen later on, and as a result flood the forums with posts with the same topic? It's not like I'm abusing it and flooding my own thread with posts to keep it at the top. I give it a days or so time, it floats down into the abyss, and I bring it back up. Not arguing here really, was just curious on the logic there.
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Re: N600 WNDA3100 adaptor not being detected.

Have you read through the thread linked below?

The OP appears to be having a similar problem as yourself. The software that I made available is still there, I haven't removed it from my dropbox account yet, but will in a couple of days.
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