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Netgear Powerline 85 Adapter Kit

I just switched from a Netgear router to an Apple Airport Extreme router.

The router works great, however I have a problem and hope someone can help.

I also have a Slingbox player. Because my router is not near my Slingbox I had to purchase adapter to create a wireless connection through the electrical outlet. I have a Netgear Powerline 85 Adapter Kit that worked great with the Netgear, but does not work with my Airport Extreme router. I'm not sure why it doesn't work as, it just connects to the router and then plugs into the elctrical outlet, but it does not find a signal.

Has anyone had any experience using a Slingbox and a Netgear Powerline Adapter with the Airport Extreme router? Do I need to purchase an Apple "bridge adapater" to work?

Thanks for any help!
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