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Netgear WNA1100 Device driver problem

Hello. I am in dire need of help at this very moment. This has been a very puzzling issue for me and my coworkers.

I am operating a tax business, and I am trying to set up a office network, and link all of my computers wirelessly under my tax software. one of the prerequisites of course is to have a wireless adapter installed.

A while ago, I had a wireless adapter installed, then it stopped working ( pretty much the same model) There are 4 computers in the office, all of them are of model HP w185e runninf windows 7 64 bit. The thing is, this WNA1100 works fine on the other 3 computers accept for one.

When I run the installation cd and it prompts me to insert the wireless adapter, windows attempts to install the device then almost immediately, it comes up with some like " device driver software failed to install".

When viewing the properties of the network adapter which has a big yellow exclamation mark on it, it reads "reinstall the drivers for this device ( code 18).

This is my second day in the office and I am completely baffled. I have uninstalled, rebooted, tried again. nothing. I have tried to download the drivers from the website, tried to install, no avail.

What the heck is going on here?

I appreciate you for taking the time to help me figure this out.

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Re: Netgear WNA1100 Device driver problem

Dear DonnyTen,
I have had a similar problem with my Netgear Software WNA1100 using a N150 USB adapter. I have two HP Legacy Desktops each running Windows XT with two separate adapters. I had been successful but now I get the same "Failed to Run Service " error on only one of the computers.
When I launch the download (after extraction), the program initiates an uninstall procedure and it states that the product is uninstalled (you may remove your netgear adapter) but the program still resides in the Windows XP uninstall list (add/remove programs). The uninstall never reaches the FINISH. After a reboot, If I launch the downloaded program again, it does it continues to go into the uninstall mode again, repeatedly, and does NOT initiate the installation program. Consequently, it never asks me to re-install the network adapter and never installs the smart wizard. This reoccurs even if I manually uninstall the NetGear adapter in the Device Manager. Some items are not being fully uninstalled and I assume some .dll files are not being unregistered/registered. Are there a set of registry keys that I can modify to completely remove Netgear? Could the fact that the two versions WNA1100 v1.xx and v2.xx have different .dll files? Finally, launching WNA1100.exe from the /NETGEAR/WNA1100/ folder in the Program Files [Program Files (x86) for XP] never launches the Smart Wizard- never. I cannot get it to launch this window utility!

By the way, I am new to this forum (which took me a whole day to register) and I do not find any answers to any these forum queries. Does anybody respond to these questions other than users with the same problem?

To anybody, please return some comments, thanks Frank.
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Re: Netgear WNA1100 Device driver problem

To Whom It May Concern,
I have just gone through 77 pages in the RangeMax Adapter SubForum and found well over 100 issues with Netgear Smart Wizard not launching. In every post, the solution is to Enable the Windows Zero Configuration Utility and DO NOT USE the Smart Wizard. A detailed method for doing so is provided from Microsoft and other URLs. However, there is no description/method to 1.) temporarily disable WCZ (spelling) to allow the Smart Wizard to launch and 2.) re-enable the Smart Wizard. WCZ works fine but the Smart Wizard has some unique, beneficial properties, especially with multiple adapters (signal strength, link information, detailed site surveys, etc.). It appears to me that once the WZC takes over, there is a good chance that the Smart Wizard can never be enabled without (I assume) exquisite modification of the Registry and that might be why no solution to the above request has been forthcoming. I have NEVER been able to using any Netgear Software versions (I am using WNA110 with N150 adapter on multiple computers running Windows XP), to distinctly select between Smart Wizard and WZC. Currently I have not been able to uninstall WNA1100 properly and unable to reinstall WNA1100.
I realize I am not an expert but I have searched the replies from NETGEAR officials and my assessment is that NETGEAR has not made a reasonable software management between Smart Wizard vs WCZ. Unfortunately, almost all of the posts involve "Smart Wizard not working" with the solution to use WCZ.
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