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Universal WiFi internet adapter (wnce2001) help!

Hello, i need some help. i have just baught this adapter and tried many times now and i dont get any wireless internet. so i hope u can help me!

I do as it says, im disconeccting everything and plugs in my adapter to powers. it gets green and i put my included ethernet cabel, and it gets green too. open my browser and follows the instructions on the setup page. and i come to this site where i have to write "name" and "key" and then i get lost! what name and key? shall i make up one, or do i have to use one they have upstairs? i dont know if they have one, because i am renting at someplace, and they just have a internetcabel down here.

And then i try this other thng, instead of putting the included ethernet cable in the adapter, i put the internet cable from upstairs in. but then i cant open the browser! so i have no idea what i shall do. ::confused:

Hope u can help me! Smiley Very Happy
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