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WN3000RP won't connect to router

I have a new WN3000RP which I'm trying to connect to a WGR614v8 Router.

The router is unencrypted, broadcasts its SSID, and has no MAC filtering.

I tried setting up by WPS (start WPS on the router and then push the button on the extender) and it timed out. I tried doing a WPS setup giving the router the PIN for the extender and again no luck. Then I tried setting up by connecting my PC to the extender and using the setup wizard. It identified the router's SSID and said it had 68% signal. I went through all the steps in the Wizard until it got to Review Settings" and when I clicked the check box to say I had connected my wireless devices and clicked the continue button, it gave me an error message, saying that it can't connect to the router so I should move the extender closer to the router.

So I moved the extender right next to the router (3 feet away with nothing between them) and repeated the whole process and got the same error messages.

I tried powering down the router and restarting it, and I got the same error messages.

There's nothing in any of the troubleshooting guides in the manual or on the Netgear web site so I don't know how to fix this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Summary: The extender can see the router. Neither the router nor the extender have any security or encryption turned on for the WLAN. But the extender won't connect to the router.
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Re: WN3000RP won't connect to router

Hi Jon123,

I have the same problem when I try to connect to my Huawei B260A Wirelass Router. Smiley Sad
I have been trying since last Monday, including a three hour "Live Chat" with a Netgear Techie. His suggestion? Bring it back to the shop and get it replaced. Haing surfed the net and seen other peoples' problems I don't think that will help in any way.
As with you the Extender can see the Router during set-up but when it comes to the last part I get the same error. It's driving me nuts!!:mad:

Hopefully someone can help:confused:

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Problem solved: router needed firmware upgrade

I figured it out. The firmware on my WR614v8 router was out of date. When I tried to get it to automatically update the firmware, it insisted "No internet connection" even though it had a fine internet connection. I manually downloaded and upgraded the firmware on the router and once it rebooted, the WN3000RP range extender connected just fine.

Everything seems to be working now.
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