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WNCE3001 Adapter

I bought a Samsung 6420 Smart TV from Best Buy. They did not have the Samsung wireless adapter but told me the Netgear WNCE3001 wireless adapter would work for me. I set it up with WPS after enabling the WPS on my router (a 2WIRE311 Model 3801) the adapter picks up the wireless connection (solid green light) but when I go to the TV to check the network settings there is an error and the network settings are not displayed. Further, when the wireless adapter is connected, I lose internet access to all other devices in my house (computers, ipods, etc.). Is there a setting someplace that I am missing? I should be able to enter the network settings manually into the TV, but that will not solve the problem of the internet access for my other devices.
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Re: WNCE3001 Adapter

Wnce3001 is not 802.11b adapter it is n adapter belongs here
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Re: WNCE3001 Adapter

Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. I'll repost it in the correct place.
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