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WNDA3100v2 won't detect during install

Howdy folks... I've seen literally dozens of threads on this topic, and no real solution... so I figured I'd post something.

1. I have a USB WNDA3100v2 wireless N adapter.
2. I'm running Windows 7 64bit.
3. This exact device was working perfectly literally minutes ago.
4. I had just purchased a SSD and wanted to make that my primary drive. I removed my current HDD, and installed my new SSD.
5. I performed a clean install of Windows 7 Pro 64bit. Reinstalled all my critical software, and got to my wireless adapter.

I've tried a number of options including, but not limited to...

1. Installing the software in safe mode with networking.
2. Trying these system changes:

Trying other solutions in this thread:

3. The device also works absolutely fine on a laptop with no optical drive, so it downloaded the driver from windows update, and was able to install, start, and function perfectly.

4. On the computer in question however, the driver being installed from windows update, downloads successfully, but then fails to install.
5. The drivers on the CD that came with the device, install fine, but when it asks you to plug the device in, and select next, it will say "Detecting Device" indefinitely, or until I pull the device out (sometimes) or I close the software.

I have all USB ports enabled so that they will not go into a power save mode.

I have the USB adapter setup so it is enabled in device manager.

The specific "error" that device manager is reporting is a "Code 10" "This device can not start".

Any input would be appreciated, but I'm at my wits end.
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Re: WNDA3100v2 won't detect during install

Yes... as I suspected, NetGear has nothing to say about this.

You guys make an excellent product, but your support leaves something to be desired.

It looks like I'll be out the door to go purchase another product to do the job yours should be doing.

Hopefully you guys will discover a solution to this common issue in the near future.
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Re: WNDA3100v2 won't detect during install

forum is NOT a support. User to User ONLY.

If you have an issues call support or use for assistance with Netgear directly
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Re: WNDA3100v2 won't detect during install

Fair enough then...

Does anyone have any solid input on the issue though?
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