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Where's Driver For WG111v3 USB?

I downloaded a driver for USB WG111v3 (aWG111v3_v2.0.0_Setup.exe) and uninstalled existing software which apparently wasn't working and installed the new stuff.

It got to 'insert your USB adapter', which I did, and then it closed up and I got nothing more from it. Just disappeared without trace.

Went looking for more info and found a version 2 offered for download ( )

which seems to be what I want but all the pics on the page refer to wg111v2 instead of wg111v3, so I don't know if it really is what I want.

Where is the latest driver for my WG111v2 stick?

And all this happened after the computer was moved and all devices were detached from the USB ports. When it was relocated and set up again something else ( a mouse ) went into the USB port the adapter stick used to be in, I think.

Anyway, whatever, we couldn't get the internet again after that, no matter where we put the stick.

So that's why we're trying a reinstallation.

But so far it's not working. Like I said: it got to 'Insert your adapter' and then stole away into the night, never to be seen again.

Where's the driver we should use?
How do we get around using the adapter in a different USB port if that happens again?
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Re: Where's Driver For WG111v3 USB?


search for correct model and whatever listed under downloads is the current driver
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Re: Where's Driver For WG111v3 USB?

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Re: Where's Driver For WG111v3 USB?

I tried that link, ggift, and it is for the PCI card, not for the USB stick.

According to your directions, jmizoguchi, I've got the right driver, had it all along. It is: WG111v3_v2.0.0_Setup.exe

Tried it again after unloading all existing netgear stuff except the Quicktime player.

Got as far as 'insert USB stick' and after that nothing... The process exists in Task Manager, using 3 or 4 CPU cycles, never gets anywhere.

I did get a Windows error message about a fault installing new hardware which is probably related to it.

So now what must I do?

Uninstall again.


Try another install.

Always got to uninstall/reboot before I can try another tack?

Forever installing and uninstalling and never any trouble shooting methods... no idea if I'm getting closer...

And it was working fine just last week...

It is in a USB port in a four-port add-in card. That shouldn't be a problem?

I have had devices where I'm instructed not to put them into a hub. But this is not a hub and I don't think it's any problem anyway, is it?

However maybe there's a USB port issue left over from when it was successfully working in one of those ports? I've heard of such things.

How do we 'clear' or 'reset' the ports? Something about delete the controller in device manager, isn't it?

Things like that ever help with these USB Netgear hassles?
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