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genie v2.0.0.1 home page display

I just updated the software and driver for my WNDA3100v2 adapter because the previous version of the software I had (v1.2) stopped working - it would start up and immediately go away. The Genie software comes up and I am able to connect, but the software shows only the connection to the wireless router (WNDR3700) and no Internet connection, despite the fact that the computer is connected to the Internet. That is okay, but when you try to "Check for Updates", the software reports that there is no Internet connection. Looking at the Diag Text, it shows "ERROR: Provider load failure." at the beginning of the log file. Does anyone know what the Genie software is looking for in terms of response from the ISP? The result is the same no matter if I connect manually or through the WPS Push "N" Connect. There is an exception set in the Windows Firewall for the Genie software.

System is DELL Latitude D630 laptop running MS Windows XP Pro SP3 32-bit
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