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without VIDPID registry key?

I get this error after I installed WG111v2 card on my W2k laptop. It worked (sync with router) for about 50 seconds, then it went "dark". Couldnt scan for my wireless connection (b/g). I restarted the laptop and now whenever I try and start NETGEAR smart Wizard, I get the error "Internal Error: Without VIDPID registry key!!" I cant even uninstall the application now. I just bought this as a factory backed refurbished item. Did I get a lemon? The blue light on the adapter is on, flickers now and then, and it is kinda warm...No disc in box, just paper saying "download product info and application at"
Kinda dumb if you are buying this for initial internet access!
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Re: without VIDPID registry key?

refurb is not govern by netgear. This is handle by third party so I would return the and by new one.
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June Mizoguchi-
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Re: without VIDPID registry key?

I just started getting this error message.
"Internal Error: Without VIDPID registry key"

I have had WG111v2 usb wireless adapter for about a year now. Lately my connections has been at about half the speed. 24mbs as opposed to 54mbs

this error message happened for the first time today.

How can i fix this?
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Re: without VIDPID registry key?

Funny that no one can find a solution for this. I do not think it means you have a defective part, its the software thats messed up. Worse yet, neatgear cant do a damn thing about it because they're not allowed to make registry adjustments. Netgear....Fix this!!
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Re: without VIDPID registry key?

I'm genuinely surprised no one has posted a valid fix to this, all i see is a bunch of people posting nonsense they shouldn't even have posted as they clearly have no solution to the problem and lack the skills to make any advice on this. I experienced the same problem after uninstalling a netgear wgv111v2. The error code "Internal Error: Without VIDPID registry key" stands for: Vendor ID (VID) and product ID (PID) of a USB device. Basically somehow the software was uninstalled wrong or interrupted.

It's an easy fix if you're a windows user. I'll explain how to fix it using windows xp32. First of all go into "my computer", then go into ur main drive (probably C: drive), then enter the "windows" folder, then enter the "system32" folder and scan down to the bottom there should be a file starting with "WG" it will most likely have WGV2 in it's name and if you click properties and look at the summary it will not say it's made by microsoft corp it will say like 5 names of the netgear developers. DELETE this file. Then scan back up top and open the "drivers" folder, now again scan down towards the bottom and you will find another WGV112 file and DELETE it as well. Now back out of the drivers folder and the system 32 folder and the windows folder and then enter the "program files" folder, look for a netgear folder and DELETE it. DONE

(but u should just easy easily be able to apply this fix to any version of windows you have by following similar principles)

There, done. You shouldn't have to go into the registry at all. Restart your pc and watch that annoying message dissapear. It was just the shell left of netgear trying to execute but not being able to, thus producing the error. No harm to your PC but annoying non the less. At any rate you shouldn't have any problems. If you do send me a message and i will try and make a post.
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