AC1200 Dual Band


AC1200 Dual Band

I just recieved my extender, and have tried for hours to get it to set up, all the while looking for NETGEAR_EXT as the network to connect.

Apparently, mine is refirbished and was renamed FROSTED, with a password that no one bothered to send with it~!  I cannot connect it, and I am pretty pissed. Can someone help me?????

Ordered from AMAZON.....UGH!

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Re: AC1200 Dual Band

@amom23 wrote:

Can someone help me?????


If you tell us what you own and what you are doing, someone might be able to help.


What are you trying to set up? This section is given over to USB WiFi Adapters.


The reference to NETGEAR_EXT in your message suggests that you may be talking about a wifi extender. (USB adapters don't have an SSID to connect to, they do the connecting.)


Unfortunately, the " AC1200 Dual Band" in your subject could be many things. AC1200 is not a reliable guide to model number. Many devices come with an AC tag, but it is essentially a label that Netgear, and other brands, attach to hardware to describe wifi speeds.


Many questions apply to different types of device, so you might get responses here, but you might get more help, and find earlier questions and answers specific to your hardware, in the appropriate section for your device.

In the meantime you could visit the support pages:

Support | NETGEAR

Feed in your model number and check the documentation for your hardware.

You may have done this already. I can't tell from your message.

I mention it because Netgear gave up on supplying paper manuals years ago and people sometimes miss the downloads.



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Re: AC1200 Dual Band

What actual extender is it? AC1200 is the speed

Did you try a factory reset? Push and hold reset for 7-15 seconds while its powered on. 


You can also go to 

Type in the model number. It'll take you to manuals, firmware, install guides. 

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