NetGear AC1900 Wifi USB Adapter causing BSOD


NetGear AC1900 Wifi USB Adapter causing BSOD

Hi, I've purchased this usb adapter about 2 months ago.  My PC has ran without issues using another usb adapter for 5 months prior to purchase of this usb adapter.


Since I've installed the AC1900 USB adapter it has caused many problems.  Originally it was installed with software version for windows.  It was plugged into a USB 3.0 port at the front of the PC.  Multiple times it would cause BSOD (unexpected kernel mode trap).  I've noticed this tended to happen when a big download was going on, but also during gaming.  Sometimes it would happen a couple times during a day. 

After doing some research I saw that others had a similar issue, so I followed some of the things the said.

I uninstalled the newest software version, and installed software for windows.  This dramatically reduced the amount of BSOD that happened, but they still randomly happened once in a while.


A few days ago I read that people were saying to have it plugged in the back of PC (directly connected to motherboard) instead of using the front USB ports.  I did the same.  I ran my computer overnight as I usually do, and in the morning the adapter was completely off in windows (disconnected from wifi, and it didn't show any networks).  After running trouble shooter, it reset the PC network and I was able to connect again, but I'm still getting random BSOD.


I don't understand how this product is rated as one of the best performing usb wifi adapters, when it's been causing so many problems.  Can anyone help with some tips or suggest a better option? (I might not even be able to return it to the store).  Very dissapointed in this.

Model: A7000|Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter - USB 3.0
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Re: NetGear AC1900 Wifi USB Adapter causing BSOD

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