netgear wnda3100v3 does not connect anymore


netgear wnda3100v3 does not connect anymore

After vacation my wifi adapter stopped working.

In genie it gives me the correct list of networks but after I enter the password it gives me the error that it is not able to connect to the network.

Also the regular windows connecting method does not work (It says verifying and connecting and after that the usb adapter crashes, as I see the wifi symbol dissapearing like there is not adapter connected. After 5 sec the wifi symbol returns like it just has been plugged in.).


Push and connect DOES work, but after I restart my PC I have no connection anymore.


I tried reinstalling the driver 2 times. The first time uninstalling and installing the full package (Genie and driver). And the second time I used the standalone driver installer. Both did not work.


Can someone help me?

Model: WNDA3100v3|N600 WIFI USB Adapter
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Re: netgear wnda3100v3 does not connect anymore

Well the push and connect stopped working now as well so no connections can be made.

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Re: netgear wnda3100v3 does not connect anymore

I have the same problem after windows 10 Home update 1903. Problem is wnda3100v3.sys: that causes a BSOD.

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Re: netgear wnda3100v3 does not connect anymore

The WNDA3100v3 is an old, 2014, wifi adapter based on an even older 2007 device.


Maybe Microsoft has just decided to kill it off.


One thing to try would be to unplug the adapter, remove all Netgear software and drivers, and then plug the device back in to see if Windows will use its own native drivers.



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