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2 wndr3700 bridge / access (repeater)


2 wndr3700 bridge / access (repeater)

I have always enjoyed the NETGEAR products and decided to purchase 2 WNDR3700 . The first I setup to my home DSL and everything is working fine. In the advanced wireless settings I set this one up as the BASE with the MAC address of the second. The second WNDR3700 I setup up as the REPEATER in my garage. Everything is working fine but I cannot set up any security. I canèt even see the WEP security option. Just shows WPSK and so forth. Is security needed when BRIDGING ? Took me a long time to finally get it to work. I'm not too savey but the IP addres of the 1st one is and the second one is When I used theses IP's everything finally worked. Should I turn of DCHP?


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Re: 2 wndr3700 bridge / access (repeater)

I've got the same problem, under Wireless Settings, Security Options, both 2.4GHz & 5GHz, there is no WEP Selection listed.
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