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Re: 7300 Router, and two NETGEAR extenders? WPS setup question


7300 Router, and two NETGEAR extenders? WPS setup question

Hey folks. I know, I've heard to buy this and that, but I just have one simple question.  Worked for me in the past, but just forgot how.

I have a 7300 router, a 2200 range extender coming for the living room and a smaller NETGEAR (Forgot the model number) in the garage.  My main point is to get the signal to the living room which is no big deal.  But to get to the smaller Range Extender in the garage to feed my hungry computer, a couple of Alexas, another computer and a printer and an outdoor camera.  No big deal, right?\

So, question is:

To set up the first Range Extender in the living room, I'd use the WPS on the Extender itself, and the router.  Cool!  Got it.

Now, the 2nd Range Extender in the garage....  WPS on it, and the WPS on what, the inside RE or the router?

(I'm guessing the router, as that's what handles everything.)

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Re: 7300 Router, and two NETGEAR extenders? WPS setup question

You could use either. If it reaches decently, I'd go directly off the router. If it doesn't, then use the extender. It'll impact your speeds and increase you latency. 

Not sure what actual model extender you have but daisy chaining single/dual band extenders causes a significan throughput loss. 

reason why is a single/dual band extenders have to use the same chip to go router----extender  and then extender---devices. And they can't do both at once. so it causes a 50% speed reduction.  Add another extender and it drops another 50% at the 2nd one. 

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Re: 7300 Router, and two NETGEAR extenders? WPS setup question

Ok either, got it.  Thanks a bunch.

I don't want to pull the small NETGEAR out of the receptacle just now, so can't get the model number off it.

I was using a AC1900/EX6400 v2 for the half-way unit until it burnt out a couple weeks ago when it completely stopped.  (Factory reset woudn't even work).  No noticeable latency there.  Figured I'd save some money and go with a PIX LINK to replace it due to the "RAVE REVIEWS".  Nope!  VERY SLOW, and the latency was very noticeable.  Start it up or make any adjustments to it, and it took literally 10-12 minutes for it to get back up to speed.  Soon as I get this new NETGEAR AC2200/EX7300 delivered today, that thing isn't even going in the (just in case) box!

I"m hoping this new one will get me out of the house and to the garage without the need for a second one here in the garage.

Thanks again.




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