AC1200 range extender


AC1200 range extender

Today I started havng issues with my Range Extender.  It will not connect to my main internet, lets call it H123.EXT.  I keep getting a pop up window...attached..and following that I get nowhere.  I choose to manually input my setting for 2 and 5 GEXT or I have tried it through Genie.  It tries to connect to H1232GEXT and H1235GEXT but then it can't because it can't find H123EXT.  I have reset to factory settings and it seems to work for a minute or two and then it's back to the pop up window and no connections.  I have now unplugged the device and am connected to H123EXT only.  When I go through Genie none of my other devices show except my main computer and the router.  From all this troubleshooting unplugging the device and using Genie is the only way I can recover my main internet H123EXT.  Now having eliminated 2 and 5 GEXT all my devices show up where as only my computer and router showed before.  I'm sure that's becasue the other devices, in other locations that needed an extender, were using H1232GEXT.  I've been at this for hours so I don't think it makes sense to keep trying with the extender.  Yes, everything is updated.  


I don't really undersatnd much of this so I can't be more precise.  I had a very hard time getting it all to work nicely together and then this morning it failed.  Any suggestions?  Right now throwing it out the window sounds pretty good but then I'm out the cost of this stuff.  




Model: EX6120|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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