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Re: AC750 EX6100 - New Extender Setup recycles back


AC750 EX6100 - New Extender Setup recycles back

I have a new EX6100v2 wifi range extender.  I have followed all the steps in the Quick Stert guide.

I can access the router with the 2GEXT signal on my laptop but cannot connect my Roku device which is why I bought it.

My Roku device sees both the 2GEXT and the 5GEXTconnect the roku it says cannot connect.  

When I connected with the computer I had to do so by pushing the WPS button on the extender as when I tried using the network password

it also would not connect.


What do I try now

Model: EX2700|N300 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: AC750 EX6100 - New Extender Setup recycles back

try to change the SSID and password go to www.mywifiext.net login with admin/password if you haven't changed the login password and try changing the ssid of the network.



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