AC750 WiFi Range Extender


AC750 WiFi Range Extender

Hi All


I'd like my extender to be just that, an extender but the way it appears to be setup as default is a different connection.


Here is my little quandry.


I've 2 rooms. In each room I have speakers. I use 2 Chromecast Audio to connect to the 2 speakers. 


It appears both have to be connected to the same connection point for them work as a group.  At the moment this works as my wifi range reaches both speakers but I want to extend to a 3rd speaker which is too far away from thw main router.


When I connect to the extender and then sit near the main router, this appears to disrupt the signal. I must then switch my device to the main router.


I'd like my wifi signal  to be extended/boosted so my devices cannot tell the difference between each connection point and it works seamlessly.




Model: EX3920|AC750 WiFi Range Extenders
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Re: AC750 WiFi Range Extender

You may need a mesh system like orbi for this.



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