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AX1800 Laughable

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AX1800 Laughable

Brand new out of package. Follow quick step slip. Connecting extender to router. It prompts me that my router password is incorrect. I know it is not incorrect. I then decide to look through my modems admin panel only to verify that my password is indeed correct and the app is wrong. I decide to then "Google" a solution, only to find out, when another person has the same issue the expert states, "you have entered you password in incorrectly..." Seriously, can you people offer anything that works, and when there is an issue, can you train your staff to appropriately address the problems? NO YOU CANNOT! Therefore, everyone and their brother has to figure their own problems out on their own. 

Solution to "incorrect password upon setup of extender"

1.) login in to modem admin panel- 

2.) find the add WPS

3.) pair the extender to the router- push the button on the side of the extender to pair

4.) find the extenders IP address

5.) put the IP address into the search bar

6.) go insane doing the rest of it

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