AX1800 extender only getting 26Mb on a 350Mb package

Hi all, 


This post is two fold.


The first and more pressing issue is the following. I recently purchased an XRM570 Nighthawk gaming router accompanied with an AX1800 Mesh WiFi extender. I set it up with no problem however I am currently having an issue with the connection strength. I am on a 350 Mb package, yet the extender is only getting around 20 Mb. I initially thought that it may be because the extender is too far away from the router so I tested it by placing it in the same room as the router and running benchmark speed tests via the Nighthawk app. This did not change anything and I was still getting an abismal 20Mb. Any ideas on why this could be? 


The second, concerns assigning bandwith to each device connected to the WiFi. I can't seem to find this feature in the app but I'm pretty sure it exits. 


Thank you in advance,


Model: XRM570|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router and Mesh WiFi System
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