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Re: Ac1900 ex700 WiFi signal keeps dropping


Ac1900 ex700 WiFi signal keeps dropping

My WiFi signal keeps dropping on my WiFi extender. I have Ethernet plugged into my ps4 and it will say lan cable not connected and I look at the router and the signal is off. The normal WiFi is fine but signal is too weak for my ps4 but it is always green light on the 2.4 and 5 ghz signals. I tried resetting multiple times and power cycling. I play for about 5-10 min before signal drops
Model: EX7000|AC1900 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Ac1900 ex700 WiFi signal keeps dropping

What firmware are you running? 


Many folks have had issues with  If you are using that, you should try downgrading to https://kb.netgear.com/000059563/EX7000-Firmware-Version-1-0-0-66


Perhaps also try unplugging and reinserting the ethernet cable.  The EX7000 shouldn't disable the LAN port when the extender-router connection drops.  So if this is happening there could be an intermittent issue with the cable or the NIC hardware (either in the PS4 or the extender).  

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Re: Ac1900 ex700 WiFi signal keeps dropping



I think I have the same problems after updating my firmware and now when I'm trying to downgrade the firmware it says " Firmware upgrade failed. Please check your file." 

Please help as I live in a granny flat behind the main connection and it's very hard to survive without internet.



Model: EX7000|AC1900 Nighthawk WiFi Range Extender
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