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Adding PLP1000 to an existing PL1000 Network


Adding PLP1000 to an existing PL1000 Network

Good morning,


I have a working PL1000 setup. 1 plug from the router and one in the office upstairs.

As we are working from home constantly now, the wife is struggling with the Wifi in another part of the house so we tought we'd get some more. We went for PLP model due to shortage of plugs as the plugs in her office are close to the floor 🙂


Trying to add the PLP1000 as per the instructions and the Pick a plug LED isn't illuminating. It's literally the power button on solid green and thats it.

So I switched the plug attached to the router for one of the PLP1000, all lights illuminated. I was now able to add the other PLP1000 with no issues. Now the PL1000 won't work at all!! I have tried to readd these also.




Model: PL1000|PowerLINE 1000 adapter, PLP1000|Powerline 1000 + Extra Outlet
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