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Re: Ax1800/Eax20 WiFi extender 5G problem


Ax1800/Eax20 WiFi extender 5G problem


I have an R7000 router running fine for over a year now, no problems. I wanted to improve the WiFi in a sleeping room and decided to install an ax1800 (EAX 20 ) WiFi extender. The setup was done via the nighthawk app and later I adjusted some things like the status lights and a time schedule for the WiFi signal via mywifiext

The next day a problem started, I loose the entire 5G network. When I log in to the router via routerlogin or the extender via wifiext.local I see nothing strange. I read somewhere that changing the channel for the 5G on the router might work. I did this and the network runs again, quite fast for a few hours and then the problem returns, the 5G network is lost. 

can somebody help me with this?


kind regards,



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Re: Ax1800/Eax20 WiFi extender 5G problem

Hi Sebastiaan9, may we know if you are still encountering the issue?

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Re: Ax1800/Eax20 WiFi extender 5G problem

Did you find a solution? if so what was it?


I am interested to understand if it's possible to have the wifi scheduler working on both the base router unit and the wifi extender? if so, do I need two separate scheduling or is the extender schedule controller by the main router?

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