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Bad packet loss


Bad packet loss


I have 3 WG602v4 APs and 1 WG602v3 AP covering a property. All of these devices are hard wired to a FVS318 router.

Recently (and I cannot say if it had been going on for long), I have noticed that there is some pretty serious packet loss between the computer and access point. I have tried this test with 2 of the WG602v4 APs and 2 different laptops. Same results.

Basically, the computer will show a 3/5 signal strength, but when I ping local or external network addresses, there are a bunch of timeouts. I've seen anywhere from 10-30% packet loss and it seems to get worse the farther I am.

Other than the tests I mentioned above, I have tried using wireless channels 6 and 11. Channel 11 seemed to be better at first, but now I'm not so sure about that observation because I'm still getting the packet loss. All devices that are wired directly to the FVS318 work perfectly with 0% packet loss. There are no devices (eg switches, hubs) between the access points and the router. The network is secured with WAP-PSK, but I tried disabling the security and saw no improvement.

I would appreciate if someone could share their thoughts. I was just getting ready to purchase more Netgear hardware but I'm putting that on hold until I get this resolved. Noteably, I have an AT&T 2-wire u-verse gateway (which normally has wireless disabled). I tried the same ping tests, etc with it and had no such issues.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Bad packet loss

I looked into this issue a little more with a wireless network monitoring tool to better see the signal strength.

I went through every channel on the device, and the ones with the best signal were 1 and 11...interesting enough. Regardless of that, I noticed sporadic drops every 15-30 seconds where the signal would drop down from -25dbi to -60dbi then pop right back up. Simultaneously, I was pinging the router and the drops coincided with the ping requests timing out.
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