Brand new RAX48 won't even turn on


Brand new RAX48 won't even turn on

Wow - picked up the RAX48 AX5200 from Best Buy, got it home and it won't even turn on.  No lights, nothing.  Just a ticking sound that stops after unplugging it.  I've owned two R7000s, the R7450 and the R7800 and multiple switches.  I've never had one that is bricked right out of the box.  I'm so disappointed in Netgear for letting this get out of production.  What complete garbage.  I hope that the management of this company is ashamed.  I own so many Netgear products and considered them 'premium' or at least upper-middle quality.  This is such a lack of caring about your product, it's not even funny.  It makes me question even purchasing Netgear again.  I'll return this piece of absolute trash but I feel bad for someone that opens this after the return window has passed.  I would have never thought I would need to make sure that a product turned on!  Obviously, there is no quality control whatsoever.  Another decent company trashing their reputation, I guess.

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Re: Brand new RAX48 won't even turn on

When you make millions of devices, even if you have an error/hardware of less than 1% (and most aren't), your going to get some that slip through. Plus it might have worked great from the factory and during transport, been jostled around enough to break it. have you ever watched a fedex/ups guy toss a package on your porch? 

There's going to be a certain percentage of duds. 


If you bought it at best buy, exchange it. Its pretty simple. and it does happen. And it happens to all companies. not just netgear. 


You got a single bad device after having great success with prior devices. its unfortunate. 


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