Bridging Two WNDR3700v3


Bridging Two WNDR3700v3

I would like to put my PC and IP Phone in a room that does not have Cat.5. It is hard to get wires to that location, How do I put one router in Bridge mode.

I have 2 new WNDR3700v3 N600 dual band Gigabit routers, I was told that I could use two of these routers to do this, one is hooked to my cable Modem (it is working fine) and another in the area I want to move to and set that one up as a Bridge to extend my network and then be able to plug in my IP phone into the second router so that I do not have to wire that area.

If you can provide a little more detail than I have been able to find online that would help.
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Re: Bridging Two WNDR3700v3

read thread.. posted few hundreds of these which are answered
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Re: Bridging Two WNDR3700v3

Which thread are you referring to?
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