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Can EX3700 feed my ProSafe switch?


Can EX3700 feed my ProSafe switch?

Dear all

Can I use a range extender, eg EX 3700, to provide internet / network connection via a ProSafe switch?

I have a small home office – 3 iMacs and a couple of printers, one of which (Xerox Phaser) is wired ethernet only, no wifi.

One of the iMacs is new, supports AC, the others are elderly, so wired ethernet is faster.

All the above are wired to a ProSafe Gigabit switch. This in turn connected by Powerline to the Orange Livebox 4 fast fibre modem/router (we are in France) in another room. (The Orange box is installed by Orange - they put it near the inbound fibre connection, and it has to be close to the IPTV which is also fibre-fed. The Livebox provides AC wifi which on test gives a >400Mbps internet to my new iMac.

After various changes to electrical appliances etc, the Powerline connection has slowed and often falls over.

So, can I replace the Powerline setup with a range extender – and use its ethernet output to feed the rest of the office?

Sorry if this is a messy explanation, I'm a semi-retired journalist not a techie! 



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Re: Can EX3700 feed my ProSafe switch?

It is possible to replace your powerline link with an extender (connecting the extender's ethernet to your existing switch).


The EX3700 would do, but I think the EX6400 is better matched to your Livebox, and would give you faster speeds.





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