Re: Can an extender (EX61000) extend a WPS from the main router?


Can an extender (EX61000) extend a WPS from the main router?

I have an EX6100 and have recently purchased 2 heat pumps which has wifi capability however I am unable to connect them to my network. I have checked the Mitsubishi website and my router is compatible and has DHCP addresses available. The only other thing the site suggests is that the pump is not within range - one heat pump should be close enough (its in the next room) but cant connect and the other is at the other end of the house. If thats the case then I would have expected the sales rep to tell me that before selling me wifi units. The pump connects to the router via WPS - I cannot move the router from where it is and obviously I cannot move the heat pump. Is it possible to send a connection via WPS via the extender i.e. press the WPS on the router and then press the WPS on the pump down the other end of the house but have the WPS signal from the router go through the extender so my pump can pick it up. I havent tried it yet as I'm typing this from work but if it didnt work I wouldn't know if its because it cant be done or for some other issue.



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Re: Can an extender (EX61000) extend a WPS from the main router?

Hi Ghobbit,


If you would like to connect the 2nd heat pump to the extender and the pump has WPS capability, then it would work with the WPS on your EX6100.
The 2nd heat pump would be connected to the "_EXT" network where as the 1st heat pump will be connected to your main router network.
I'm not familiar with the Mitsubishi heat pump and whether or not the two units you have need to be on the same network to function correctly. You may need to connect to the EX6100 network separately from the main router network to configure the two heat pumps. But if there is an online interface to manage the two heat pumps, then I don't think this would be an issue.

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Re: Can an extender (EX61000) extend a WPS from the main router?

Thanks for the reply

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