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Can't access mywifiext.net after enabling FastLane


Can't access mywifiext.net after enabling FastLane

I just bought two WN3500RP range extenders, and am trying to configure them for FastLane, and am having consisten problems with both once I enable that mode.


Both are running the current firmware: V1.0.0.22_1.0.62


After configuring FastLane for 5GHz as the link, and 2.4GHz as the device access, I have consistent difficulty gaining access to the device again with any of these methods:

Silly question based on the above issues: Does enabling FastLane disable access to any additional configuration by design?

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Re: Can't access mywifiext.net after enabling FastLane

Hi PetesGuide,


Currently you have this setup, is that correct? :


devices - - - 2.4ghz - - - WN3500RP - - - 5ghz - - - Router - - - 5ghz - - - WN3500RP - - - 2.4ghz - - - devices


No, enabling FastLane does not block access from mywifiext.net.

If you are receiving an "Oops!" page when going to mywifiext.net, then make sure you are connected to only the Extender's network.

Disconnect any other wired internet connections.


Please also try naming the EXT differently. For example, use HOME_EXT_1 for one WN3500RP and HOME_EXT_2 for the other.


Also try setting up only 1 WN3500RP with your network and use FastLane. Check if you can access mywifiext.net




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