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Can’t connect wifi extender to network


Can’t connect wifi extender to network

Hi, I’ve just purchased a AX1800 Wi-Fi extender.
I’m trying to connect it through the app. I wait for the green light, but the Netgear_ext doesn’t come up in my list of networks to select in the wifi settings.
All 4 lights on the extender are green I’ve made an account. I don’t know why the name won’t come up in the list to select. The app keeps telling me it can’t find the extender. I’ve troubleshooted everything and can’t fix it.
Does anyone know how I can solve this?
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Re: Can’t connect wifi extender to network

A couple things. 

1. What AX1800 do you have? AX1800 is a speed, not  a model. So what model is it? 

2. usually if all the lights are green, it means its connected to the router. Did you try setting it up using wps first? if so, all the AX1800 extenders are mesh extenders. meaning they use the same ssid as the router. So if your "router" led is lit up green, its connected to the router. I'd be curious if you have set it up and just weren't aware of how mesh worked

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