Cant Update WN3000RP Firmware


Cant Update WN3000RP Firmware

I am trying to update my new Netgear WN3000RP Extender Firmware. When it automatically looks to update it says there is a new version, but when I hit update it says "Unable to download GUI language file from Netgear server ". Any ideas? Manual download also does not work, it says "Please assign the correct file (the file format is "*.img")chk.
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Re: Cant Update WN3000RP Firmware

Hi, I had the same problem and managed to do the update in the following manner!
1. If you have got more that one WN3000RP then switch all of except the one you want to upgrade.
3. Connect via Wi-Fi onto the unit.
2. Use a IP-Scanner, for Windows or Mac or Linux, , to establish the IP Address of the unit.
3. Login using the known IP via the browser and choose the "Knowledge" Tab on the lefthand side, this will take you to the latest firmware and download as well as register at[sku]=wn3000rp&download_url=
4. Enter your correct details and serial number and register the unit.
5. Download the firmware file, unzip and do a manual firmware update.

In summary, the PC / Notebook from which the update is being done must be connected directly onto the unit and not via a different path.
What i found was that even if it is directly connected onto the unit the auto update still did not work.

Hope this solves your problem.

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