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Compatibility between WN3000RPv3 and XAV5201


Compatibility between WN3000RPv3 and XAV5201

Hello There,

I have rescently bought a WI-FI extender model WN3000RPv3 which is working very well but my son has given me another adaptor (XAV5201) which was part of a set of 2 (which is supposed to work with the XWN5001). My son only gave me the XAV5201 as the other adapter (XWN5001) was lost while moving back from college.


I was wondering if I can use this second adaptor (XAV5201) to extend the range of my network by connecting it to the WN3000RPv3. Are they compatible? If so, any idea on how I should install the XAV5201 to extend my network? I apologize for the basic questions but I am not an expert on these things and am affraid I may not be able to get them to work in case they are compatible without some help.



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Re: Compatibility between WN3000RPv3 and XAV5201

Hi p_solon,


The powerline comes with two devices like you mentioned. You will need both devices for it to function properly with the extender.

Please see the installation guide:

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