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DGN1000 and DG834PN


DGN1000 and DG834PN

Apologies if this has already been posted, but i have been looking for three days and each guide says the same, as I have setup as such - so just wondering what im doing wrong...

I have a DGN1000 as my ADSL modem, DHCP server and wireless router.

I have a DG834PN which is connected via ethernet cable and i simply want this to act as an repeater/access point.

I have done the following:

1. Disabled the DHCP server on the DG834PN (the secondary router)
2. Updated to the latest firmware on both routers
3. Made both SSID's the same (with WEP encryption for now)
4. Made both SSID passwords the same
5. Given both routers different IP address (.1 and .5)
6. Ensured that the DHCP range goes from .10 - .255 so no chance of overlap)

Yet I am unable to connect to the secondary (DG834PN) to get online. (It accepts the WEP password on PC trying to connect, but no internet when browsing to webpages) I have even tried disabling any securty on both wireless networks - again the secondary router (DG834PN) doesnt allow me to get online.

Am I missing something? Does the DG834 need to have another setting chaged so that it accepts/passes through via the ethernet cable from the DGN1000?

I am trying to ping sites from the secondary router and getting nothing, yet if I connect an ethernet cable, from one of the four ports at the rear of the secondary router, to another device (internet TV) it works fine.

Any pointers appreciated!
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Re: DGN1000 and DG834PN


Follow the concept.
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