De-bottlenecking the internet speed of a WN1000 v3

Hi ,

I am using the WN1000 v3 as access Point.
My router from internet provider gives me 120 mps according to

When I am sitting next to my NetGear WN1000 v3 I only get 20 mps.
I've already configured the channel to 1 ,6 11 or 13, set it to 40 Hz (no mixed 20/40) and opted out on QoS
My Wireless Card is Intel(R) Centrino(R) Ultimate-N 6300 AGN ("802.11agn, 3x3, dual band delivers up to 450 Mbps and maximum range and reliability; 5 GHz boosts speeds and reduces congestion; energy efficient2 for greater mobility and convenience."), so I dont think my wirless card is limiting it.

How should I configure my WN1000 v3 to reach the speed closer to 120 mps ?

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Re: De-bottlenecking the internet speed of a WN1000 v3

Change the router.
WNR1000v3 is just a N150 router and with that router do not expect the speed that you are expecting. At least go for N300 router.
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Re: De-bottlenecking the internet speed of a WN1000 v3

I have N150 WNR 1000v3 and it is hooked into my centurylink DSL Modem w/ethernet cord .
I have been roaming around this place for days trying to find same problem or a place to post my problem at least but newbie here is total confused by now.
Anyway while sitting at desk with laptop next to router an modem it is fine and even has 4-5 bars Genie say.. But when I try to walk about 35-50ft away to other room in direct view of router it drops connection.And I use to use laptop in that room all the time but now can not.I do not understand why now can not.Also Genie use to show me all the other WIFI in neighborhood but now does not. It will try to show me but then quickly stops. I have had router about a year now and wondering if is already going kaput and need to save money for a stronger router with dsl or dsl with wifi.Please tell me what could be causing all this?
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Re: De-bottlenecking the internet speed of a WN1000 v3

If you cannot see the other wireless networks in the neighborhood, and those are normally visible, the wireless card in the laptop would be my first suspect.

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Re: De-bottlenecking the internet speed of a WN1000 v3

My laptop is not that old but is there a way to check card out? I have a HP laptop with Win8.1 on it.Everything updated
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Re: De-bottlenecking the internet speed of a WN1000 v3

Use it with a variety of other networks to see what kind of throughput you get compared to other users. I’m guessing that the laptop WiFi card is a PCIe device and so can be changed for something else, and if you can access it you could check that the antennae are properly connected and there are the correct number of antennae for the device to operate at its best. You can also buy antennae that can be added to the laptop though it’s usually better if they are built in by the manufacturer so that they are optimally placed.
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