Does the EAX80 support Guest Network?


Does the EAX80 support Guest Network?

I just bought an EAX80 (AX6000) Wifi extender and it works great but there is no guest network option under "Do More". I have 2 other Wifi extenders (EX8000's) on my network and they are tri band. They extend the 2.4, 5GHZ, and 5GHZ 1 bands as well as the guest network on all 3 bands. The EAX80 is dual band. It extends the 2.4 and 5GHZ bands at faster speeds but no guest network. In order to extend my guest network I have to only extend on network per band.


When I first got my EX8000's they did not extend guest networks automatically either and then in one of the firmware updates it was added later.


Any plans for a firmware update for the  EAX80 to add this function? Or do I have to return it and buy another EX8000?

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Re: Does the EAX80 support Guest Network?

Would like to know that too... Does Netgear ever react to questions asked here?

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