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Double NAT with apartment connection


Double NAT with apartment connection

so I have a WNDR3700 series 1 router (i think series 1 anyways) running firmware V1.0.7.98NA and there are no updates available. This may be the wrong spot, and direction is appreciated if that is the case.


I have an internet connection via my apartment complex, and am setting up a server that is not currently available outside my network due to double NAT. I do not have access to the complex router or routers. is there a way to remove the NAT on this router model, or at least a way to connect from outside my network?


I have port forwarding set up, and the system locked into an IP and the router reserves the IP for the system MAC. I've also tried to connect the complex internet via one of the regular switch ports, but then I do not have internet, even after inputting all the DNS servers, gateways, etc


any help is greatly appreciated

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Re: Double NAT with apartment connection

Hello dewsung


When you say you have internet via your apartment complex are you saying you are connecting via a router they have somewhere?




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Re: Double NAT with apartment connection

If you don't have access to the apartment complex router, then there's nothing you can do on your router that will help.  The complex router is going to block any unsolicited incoming connections to your server.


One option is to subscribe to a VPN provider.  This sets up a tunnel between your home network and the VPN provider.  This will bypass NAT on the complex router.  If the VPN provider doesn't give you a dedicated IP address, then you may need a provider that offers remote port forwarding.

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